Malcolm X is a black American man who helped the nation of Muslims fighter for their independence. He is a very interesting individual. Malcolm always followed through on what he said. He was a man of word. His death was no accident. His own body guards were the murdurers. The government saw Malcolm X as a threat to society because he was becoming a very powerful man. The police wanted him killed so they hired his body guards to help assist them. Malcolm was shot fourteen times. He had to wheel himself to the hospital in Harlem, New York, no one bothered to help him. He faced many obstacles in his life mostly because he had a rough child hood. Malcolm was involved in drugs, prostitutes and stealing. He was a "hustler." After spending about eight years in prison he learned the teachings of Muhammaed. He then began to follow the Muslim religion. Martin Luther King Jr. had a big impact on the world , similiar to Malcolm X. They both fought for freedom of religion but had different tactics in doing so.