The British Invasion was a musical movement of the 1960s. Artists from Britain gained huge populartiy both in Britain and in America. For America it was a huge healing process. Americans were going through a really hard time because of the Vietnam War and their attitudes were at an all time low. The music of the British Invasion was fun and upgoing as well as controversial and wild. It gave people a way to be entertained and motivated, it lifted their spirits, and it gave them a way to rebel against the evils of the world. The British Invasion started of with the popularity of The Beatles, also known as beatlemania. The Beatles were songwriters, musicians, and actors. The people loved their upbeat music and their wierd british looks.
Besides the Beatles there were other great artists: The Kinks, The Animals, The Birds, The Dave Clark Five, Garry and the Pacemakers, The Who, and The Rolling Stones. Two very popular groups from these artists are The Who and The Rolling Stones. The Who were dark, satirical rebels. Their music was loud and people loves their onstage energy. They popularized jumping around stage and breaking their instruments. The rolling stones were also very popular. they were controversial because of their anti-establishment lyrics and their dark music but the one thing that made them stand out was their appearance. Their clothes were too tight and their hair was too long. Some people just couldn't stand the fact that they looked like women. However, despite some opositions they managed to be the second most (first were the Beatles) popular group of the British Invsaion.
The British Invasion did a lot for the genre of rock. It introduced the industry to the rock band instead of the solo artist. It also splintered rock. Now, because of the British Invasion, there is not only rock, there is Punk, Metal, Soft Rock, Hard Rock, Glam, and many others.

In my opinion the British Invasion was the most important event of the sixties. It revolutionized my favorite type of music ever. I am thankful for the British Invasion because every one of my favorite artists were inspired by it.