Space Excploration in the 1960s was a controversial issue that many Americans had to deal with. During this time of exploration, the United States and the Soviet Union fought for advances in space exploration. The Soviet Union was the first to enter space with their first satalite called Sputnik, an since then the United States and other countries have made space programs that would make the space advances for their own countries. On huge advance that the United States made was that we were the first country to land a man on the moon in 1969. His name was Neil Armstrong and he was the man who made history on the flight to the moon.Through out the decade of the sixties, the United States and its presidents have made goals to further the U.S. knowledge of space.
I really liked learning about all the information on space exploration. I also enjoyed learniung about how the United States and th Soviet Union went back and forth with exploration advances. The over all work of the paper was pretty hard and there were a lot of note cards and source cards to do. Another thing that bothered me was the deadlines that we had to meet for the paper. Over all i give it an eight out of ten because even though it was a lot of work, I still learned some cool history stuff.